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Unique ID to judges to track performance

By GovernanceToday
In Education
November 8, 2016

gtw-14The Union government has decided to allocate a unique identification number to every judge in the country, including those in the Supreme Court and the 24 high courts, to help the apex court track the performance of individual judges and make all judgments delivered through his or her career available on the National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG). As of now, no such records are maintained. Once all judgments are linked to the unique IDs of judges, the publicly — accessible NJDG can be looked at to examine a judge’s performance — the quality of judgments, number of adjournments allowed in different cases, time taken for delivery of judgments, case disposal rate, etc. Currently, such details about individual judges are not available on any centralised electronic platform. The Centre, as part of its ongoing implementation of the second phase of the e-courts project, monitored by the SC e-committee, has asked the National Informatics Centre to work on giving a unique ID to all judges.

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