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The great leveler

By Anil Nagar
In Education
November 4, 2016

Hybrid Model of  education is allowing best resources available to all

educationGaurav was leaving his house for an important government exam when his mother stopped and enquired, “But I  don’t see you carrying any pen, pencil etc. How will you write your exam?”

A smirk came across Gaurav’s face.” I won’t write it Ma. I will click,” he said, and stepped out of the house.

The digitization of Indian education has been going on for a long time now.  There was once a time when school was unthinkable without the prospect of  having to carry tons of books, pen, paper, and other appliances. Gradually, digital classes, popularly known as smart classes came into the picture. Nowadays, digital educational tools have brought the education scenario in India at the threshold of a revolutionizing transition

Hybrid Model-Skills of great teachers combined with the mass-reach of digital tools

Some of us can swear by that one teacher in our lives who, through her/ his knowledge, encouragement, scorn, wit and nurturing has motivated us to become better human beings. But, they were few and far between, and only a handful of individuals who had easy access to such teachers could truly cherish their unbridled genius.

With the advent of a Digital Indian spirit, administrators realized that it is time the Age-old Indian system of examinations be digitized. As a result, all major exams from CAT to various government jobs such as SSC-CGL etc. have been transferred to the online mode. Apart from saving huge amount of resources and hassles, it is also a step towards acclimatizing the Indian youth to processes and methods of examination practiced worldwide.

The advent of technology in education has been, among other things, a great levelling factor. Deserving students from tier 2 and tier 3 cities, with the help of the World Wide Web, have suddenly found themselves on an equal footing with the privileged children, at least in terms of educational resources. The value of the ever growing online education market size in India, which is expected to touch US$ 40 billion by 2017, should not only be gauged by numbers, but also through the numerous success stories it has helped realize, those who have made it big and created history by capturing top ranks in competitive exams – be it in the field of Medical, Engineering, Banking or SSC.

raditional players, who have over the years accumulated a vast storehouse of knowledge and insight regarding various exams, have an added advantage to emerge as the dominant players in the ed-tech space. This is evident from the various websites and domains of famous educational organizations who have taken a liking to coaching the ‘app’ way and using technology as a source to reach out to a massive intellectual pool. This process ends up helping both the sides-while a majority of the students get better  access to quality education, the center administrators have a higher probability of finding one or many success stories from their organization and thus help in future publicity.

The process of digitizing education via the Hybrid Model of personalized teaching through a digital platform has had many positive effects. Firstly, it has brought a marked change in the scoring capabilities of the students. While these are still early days in the journey of digitization, the simplification of process and lack of procedural delays have helped students think in a calmer manner. On a personal front, the presence of various apps and sites have made a student’s life very easy. They are able to manage time better, can easily share notes through social media platforms along with easy availability of online study material etc.

There is still a lot of time before the judgment over ed-tech is made. It has, however, ensured one thing: information availability and dissemination has not remained a problem anymore. All it needs now is proper implementation and mass inclusion to realize the dream of an educated, self-reliant and equal India.

The writer is the CEO of Career Power

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