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Speed Development Of Infrastructure To Be New Normal Of Governance

By GovernanceToday
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July 6, 2017

For the last few months India is trying to prove that the speed of  development started in the period of NDA-led government either it was Atal Bihari Vajpayee or Narendra modi is best ever in India. In this issue of Governance Today we are also trying  to give our  best,topics  as follows …

Three year of Modi Government , Goods and service Tax (GST) a game changer for Indian Economy .

Prime Minister inaugurated Dhola-Sadiya Bridge, over Lohit river, a tributary of  the  Brahmaputra after inauguration he said that we understand the importance of this bridge and the government of India took 1O+year to accompl ish it . After knowing the importance and advantage of that bridge which will usher a new revolution in north-east India as well. It will provide connectivity round the clock and open up avenues for economic development of the region, particularly Assam and Arunachal. It will also help farmers earn more as making accessible of  their produces.

So, if development is to be made permanent, then infrastructure is  the  first  requirement .  It  is on the two tracks of physical infrastructure and social  infrastructure  that  complete  development  is achieved .

The bridge will not only minimize the distance between Assam and Arunachal by 165km, it will also save Rs 10 lakh everyday on diesel. Can we think the  monetary  loss  due  to  ignoring  its completion

on time as per PM Modi “If the work had begun then, we would have got the bridge 10 years earlier” see the calculation (10year i.e 3650days*1000000) apart from that we cannot assess the other   losses.

The Ministry of Road and transport trying its best to make India as a solid infrastructure hub and its help us to change the limit of our transport speed, legally increased from 40-50 km per hour to 70-80 or 80-90 km per hour so we can compete with the other country  and it help the GDP as   well.

If we consolidate the review of our GDP not touch the 8%+ these are  the  small-small  things we have to monitor and take action of correction then-n-theirs ,we are almost on 7%+ and 8%+ is  not far away from us. For this particular 1%, we need not to do anything different just small course of  correct ion required.

Union highways, shipping and surface transport minister, Nitin Gadkari has rightly said that  if  I could achieve 23 km per day from the rock  bottom 2 km per day in three years, there is no  reason  I could not reach close to  my  next target  of  40  km per  day  in the  next one year  or  so .

The moral, expectations and aspirations are very high  and  we  all  love this attitude.

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Ajit Sinha





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