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With Skills Agenda, India to move Upward, Unhindered, Unstopped

By GovernanceToday
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May 12, 2017

dr-omkar-raiDo you think India have stateof-the-art infrastructure and statutory support aimed at furthering growth of information technology in the country?

Of course. See statutory support means we have strictly regime, warranted policies and special economic zones (SEZs). The SEZs provide world- class infrastructure to small and startup companies for  software and hardware exports. The IT and Electronics industries use the SEZ and ISPP (infrastructure service provider policy) and the centre incentivize by creation of infrastructure for the use by IT and Electronic industries.  The main services rendered by STPI for the software exporting community are statutory services, data communication services and incubation facilities.

There is lot of actions being taken by various ministries. Ministry of Electronics & IT is taking measures like electronic development fund, modified ships, electronic manufacturing clusters, and promoting incubators in ESDM sectors to ease out the things and working for removal of inverted duty structure. We have promotional measures, infrastructural policy in place to take care of the needs of country even in times to come.

Where do you find expression  and Greater of software tech- nology parks five year down the line? Do you view India have huge potential in growth of software park than electronic hardware park?

STPI has 57 centres, out of which 49 such centres are based in tier-II and tier-III cities. STPI is also taking care of promotional needs, infrastructure needs of the north east states with an objective of a uniform and overall development of IT/ITeS exports across the country. They have not been able to take the benefits of IT revolution So, our focus is to open more and centres in these states. A fact that is aptly proven by the stupendous growth in exports of STP units from Rs 52 crore in 199293 to more than 3 lakh thousand crore in 2015-16. This fiscal, it will also move ahead and also in times to come.

“A fact that is aptly proven by the stupendous growth in exports of STP units from Rs 52 crore in 1992-93 to more than 3 lakh thousand crore in 2015-16. This fiscal, it will also move ahead and so also in times to come “

The policy of software technology parks of India is to  continuously strive and upgrade total quality performance of all its services in terms of quality culture, quality cost and quality delivery schedule ? Your views on this.

We are adhered to the time frame to monitoring the projects for its users.  If the some centres in IT/ITeS and related sectors are exceeding the time-frame, they should think about it.  It is out r focus to complete the all projects at our end in stipulated timeline.  We promote and administer the EHTP scheme. This is a hundred percent export-oriented scheme, but it has a component of local manufacturing in terms of Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) permissions and guidelines. We are committed to providing quality delivery and quality cost in enhanced manner as a major success of testimony of STPI as single window service provider.

Do you see India’s growing prominence in terms of intellectual capital with several global IT firms setting up their innovation centres in India as fuelling more job creation both direct and indirect?

India has moved up the value chain. It started with nearly coding  India is certainly a fast growing in IPR and it is the capability of performance that we have, the services were earlier being outsourced to Australia.  India is very capable in research and development (R&D centres and technology development centres located in India). India is all set to become an ideal destination as it requires long term vision, the land of laws, and provide conducive atmosphere to IT sector to grow. And thus it would result in minimise the payout wealth creation; plough it back to job creation that would sustain the virtual cycle going on.

How MSMEs could achieve optimum level  of skill upgradation and entrepreneurship in the field of IT/ITeS

As far as promotion of MSMEs, it is prime focus of us. The industry, the newly growing industry will pluck the benefits of the ecosystem in terms technical know-how of market, market – linkages, component industry and availability of venture capital to say. The government of India has come up with skill programmes.  We have moved ahead and I am sure, India will in accelerated manner reach to spot number 2 and finally numero uno in times to come. Right now we are at number 3. India is growing upward unhindered and unstopped. 80 percent of start up from IT sector that is full of talent. we have capability to make india a dream destination to work and move up the ladder.

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