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Nemmadi – Rural telecentre project in Karnataka

By GovernanceToday
In Digital India
July 29, 2017
Nemmadi telecentre project is a public-private partnership model that has contributed immensely to enhance the delivery of all e- governance services in the entire state of Karnataka and also in promoting effective governance using ICT as a tool.

Nemmadi telecentre project was started in September 2006 as apart of PPP model. This partnership was formed to emphasise the goals of responsive governance by developing an effective, efficient, transparent and accountable system of public service delivery in the entire state of Karnataka.

It is based on the telecentre system that avails a variety of e-governance services to all the rural citizens. This initiative has a large network including clients, private organisations and government departments that have been integrated into the system to ensure the effective delivery of government to citizens based services and business to citizens based services.

Nemmadi telecentre offers various services to citizens through internet facilities. Telecentres were operated by IT company and telecentre operators looked after the entry of the citizen database at the time of the application for services. The data was then processed at the back-end taluk office. The citizens had to collect the digital certificates at the telecentres after few days. The geographical coverage of Nemmadi telecentre spreads across the entire state of Karnataka, in each hoblis. Citizens can access the services through these telecentres within their near by village.

The telecentre system has several unique built in features that make the application user friendly and citizen centric. This initiative has forward its best efforts to make the demand and delivery of e- governance services into a hassle free, cost and time effective model. The technical cost for developing the system was incurred by private partners. As a revenue generating model, it has not only benefited the private companies to recover their initial investments but has also generated employment benefits for its citizens in rural areas in significant ways.

Through the innovative use of information and communication technology, Nemmadi telecentre project has helped the citizens to get all the e- governance services at their doorstep by saving their money and time. It has been designed to promote government’s efforts in making its services available in a transparent and accountable manner.

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