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CBSE issues circular to make bags lighter

By GovernanceToday
In Education
October 10, 2016

gw-13The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is trying to take the load off students’ backs. In a recent set of guidelines issued to all affiliated schools, the board has suggested that teachers should not penalise students in any way for not bringing textbooks or workbooks. The guidelines list different measures for schools, teachers and parents to ensure that school bags are of manageable weight. The board has said that students of Classes I and II should not be required to carry homework or use school bags, recommended alternative methods of teaching based on information technology, and called for random checks of bags to ensure that they are not too heavy. The circular says safe drinking water should be provided so that students do not need to carry heavy water bottles. It adds that the teachers and the principal should have the same water, on which regular quality checks should be carried out.

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