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A Selfie for Womanhood

By Ajit Sinha
In Editorial
March 10, 2017

A self portrait of one taken by her/himself – that’s a selfie. Selfie is about self-confidence. Selfie is to show her as she is, as she wants to be, without having been filtered through anyone else’s lens or views.For her, it is a radical act of political empowerment, self-preservation, a means to resist and break from the shackles of submission, an window to get herself open and express and a lensto capture the beautiful ‘SHE’.

In a male dominated media culture and obsession to get hold over women’ lives, faces, images, we all have experienced how empowering is this tool ‘selfie’, allowing the woman to be in control and express herself in a way that she feels comfortable, reflecting her positive attitude and self-regard.

Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year 2013, let this word bring more power, more attitude, more positivity and more reflections in HER life. Send us your selfie, let it speak your mind, let it talk to the whole world, let it make possible all the vast array of gazes that simply were not seen before, to see the new you.

While I take pride in making this tribute to the WOMAN Today as a member representing the other side of ‘Equality’, I dedicate this selfie drive to the ‘Celebrations of her Womanhood’,on behalf of the family of Governance Today..

The cover story in few pages aheadwill reflect more of HER glory, through the mirror on the wall.

Last month only, we tried to plunge into one unorganized corner inhabited majorly by women, by talking about skilling and empowering the domestic workers,through our magazine and also organizing a national summit on skilling the domestic workers in association with Domestic Workers Sector Skill Council,  National Skill Development Corporation and Skill India. The sector has the highest representation of women in comparison to any other work area, and their plights are enormous, untold and unattended. While we thank our patrons for creating the forum, we are glad to share the summit report in this edition as one more tribute to the Women’s world.

Going forward with our ‘Skilling India’ march, I am glad to announce and invite you all to our forthcoming ‘April Edition’ and the National Summit ‘Green Jobs for Future’ to be organized on 12 April  in New Delhi, on behalf of Skill Council for Green Jobs and Governance Today.

Let the celebrations continue…

Best regards
Ajit Sinha

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